Commitment to the Environment

Quinta da Meia Eira seeks the Natural balance, minimizing the environmental footprint of its activity.

Construction and furniture

During the reconstruction of the houses we used only wood from commercial forestry plantations in the Azores and Portugal.

For furniture and decoration, we mainly opted for the repair of antiques. With it, we valued the traditional heritage and we avoided the construction of new furniture and its transport from distant countries. Our outdoor furniture is also made of wood, so that we can maintain it every year and avoid using plastic.

Despite the traditional design of our homes, we privileged architectural solutions with natural lighting of rooms and common areas, as well as solutions for ventilation and well-being.

In day to day activities

Our breakfast has a priority to local products from the season, trying not to produce any garbage. We have our milk, we manufacture our yogurts, our jams and jellies with our fruits and vegetables, we produce our eggs.

The organic waste is fully utilized at our farm. Apart from organic waste, all the garbage we produce is separated and delivered for recycling.

We opted for eco-friendly bulbs, toilets with reduced water discharge, water-based paints, and eco-friendly detergents. The swimming pool water is heated by the sun.

Smokers are always welcome at Quinta da Meia Eira. However, inside areas are strictly non-smoking. Thus, we maintain environmental quality for all. Smokers have ashtrays they can use to smoke outside.


The water used in agriculture, including water that our cows drink, also comes from rainwater, stored in our traditional tanks. Animals are provided with water by a system based on the strength of gravity.

The animal welfare is another of our concerns. Therefore, we invest in fences and water troughs that allow the animals to be free and have permanent access to water.

Our cows are exclusively grass fed, without artificial supplements or from outside the farm. Our agriculture uses a minimum of drugs, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Biodiversity is an important value for us. So we have increased the areas for fruit-garden, focusing on traditional varieties. This is what we eat and we share with our guests.

We see your preference for Quinta da Meia Eira as enhancing our environmental responsibility. Thank you!